Almond Coconut Bars (Copycat KIND Bars)

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I’ve somewhat recently discovered KIND bars, and just about as quick as I discovered them, I became addicted. Those who have tried them before probably know what I’m talking about, and for those of you who have never had one-I really recommend trying one. Or at least trying this homemade recipe.


The downside to KIND Bars is definitely their price. They are pricey, even when they’re on sale. That’s why I was so excited when I found a copycat recipe. What’s even more exciting is that this homemade version is really close to the actual KIND Bar and it’s just as delicious. And wait, there’s more. In the past, I’ve had quite a bit of difficulty with homemade granola bars not staying together and instead basically becoming homemade granola. But not this version…these bars cut into perfect shapes just about every time.

This is one flavor of the many different KIND Bars out there-but don’t worry-I’ve already experimented with other flavors and those will be coming soon! In the meantime, this has become one of my favorite snacks to date-something I hope you’ll enjoy too!


Almond Coconut Bars (Copycat KIND Bars)For the nut mixture:
2 cups whole roasted unsalted almonds
2 cups unsweetened coconut flakes
1/2 cup puffed millet or puffed whole grain rice cereal
1 tablespoon flaxseed mealFor the syrup:
1/2 cup honey
1/3 cup brown rice syrup (or light corn syrup)
1/4 teaspoon Kosher salt (use less if nuts are salted)
1 teaspoon vanillaGrease or spray a large bowl with cooking spray. Do the same with a 9×13 baking sheet/pan, a wooden spoon or rubber spatula, and the bottom of drinking glass. Set all items aside.If your almonds aren’t already toasted, preheat oven to 350 degrees. ¬†Evenly spread nuts on large baking sheet and bake for 10 min. until lightly toasted and fragrant.

Toast the coconut: To do so, spread coconut in single layer on baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 6-7 minutes, stirring half way through, until lightly toasted. Do not allow them to burn.

Add toasted almonds & coconut to the large bowl. Add puffed rice/millet and flaxseed meal. Stir to combine; set aside.

In a medium sized saucepan, combine honey, rice syrup, salt, and vanilla over medium-high heat. Cook, stirring frequently, until mixture reaches 260 degrees (hard ball stage) on a candy thermometer. Immediately pour syrup over nut mixture, then stir until evenly coated. Quickly transfer to greased/sprayed 9×13 pan, using hands to evenly spread mixture ¬†in pan; press the mixture to close in holes and distribute evenly all over the pan. Using bottom of greased/sprayed drinking glass to tap and compact mixture in pan. Let cool 20 minutes (pan should still be slightly warm). Invert pan on cutting board and tap until mixture falls out in one piece. Cut into 20 bars. (If they cool too much and become too hard or brittle to cut easily, put in warm oven for 1-2 minutes to soften; proceed with cutting.)

To store: Allow to cool completely before transferring to airtight storage container with parchment paper between layers. Store at room temperature for up to 1 week. May refrigerate to extend storage or if firmer, less sticky bars are preferred. Bars also freeze well.

Source: The Yummy Life

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  1. Eva @ Eva Bakes

    Dang it, I wish I liked eating nuts because I’ve heard so many good things about KIND bars. Your copycat version looks so, so good!

  2. Marie @ Little Kitchie

    I love KIND bars, will have to try these!!

  3. Monica

    This is awesome! I was hooked on Kashi for a long time and I still like them but I’ve often eyed these chunky Kind bars. I love nuts and the more, the better. I have a feeling it’s got to be amazing. Yours looks perfect.

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